Sunday, August 1, 2021

Warning! You Dare This 10 Laws Of North Korea, You Die

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After World War II, North Korea was ruled by supreme leaders from the same family. From Kim II-sung to Kim Jong-un with an iron fist. The country is under the power of the same family by generation after generation.

North Korea has no close relationship with any country except China.

What are the rigorous 10 laws of North Korea?

There are so many countries in the world that have put up so several laws, but it is a hardship for people to follow North Korea these wretched laws.

The laws of North Korea, which are so secretly known to the world, are very terrible, strange and foolish.

In this post, we will look at some of the most critical laws of North Korean, which hinders the basic rights of the North Korean people.

laws of north korea

Law 1

North Korean people are not allowed to lie on a sofa in the middle of the house and watch thousands of TV channels. Only 3 channels can be seen by the public and all of the shows will be broadcast after censorship, unlike other countries tv shows.

Law 2

If people of North Korea commit a crime, the entire family of she/he will be punished for it. 3rd generations, namely, grandparents and children, must suffer punishment.

Law 3

28 official hair saloon has been approved by the North Korean government. All men and women in the country should do their hairstyling in any one of them.

Very strong law against keep spike hairstyle, especially none of the person should not follow Kim’s hairstyles

Law 4

North Korean people cannot use global internet platforms like us. Only about 20% of the total population has access internet with the permission of government. They can only browse from 1000 to 1500 pages and others are disabled.

Law 5

Of the total population, only 3% of citizens use a cell phone. It is a punishable offence to talk to their relatives overseas through cell phone. In 2007, one person was sentenced to death for crisscrossing this law.

Law 6

Parents have to pay for desks and chairs used in student schools, and the school fees will not consider that. So it is mandatory to pay the tuition fee and extra charge for school furniture.

Law 7

The Bible is considered a symbol of western culture, so the reading Bible is not allowed inside North Korea, as it is assumed to affect people and convert their religion.

It is noted that a Christian woman who once distributed the Bible was arrested and executed.

Law 8

North Korea has banned the world’s major corporation’s cell phone, such as Apple, Sony and Microsoft. Because the government suspect they can steal North Korea’s secrets and privacy.

Law 9

Only government officers in North Korea can use or drive cars not any other ordinary citizen. Some vehicles are used for commercial use and transport.

Even common North Korean people can’t buy the first-class flight ticket.

Law 10

Especially on every July 8, a citizen of North Korea should not be laughed at any circumstances, since the day was the day of the death of the first president, Kim Sung.

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