Many people believe the United States is the place to the world’s worst drug barrier. Still, other nations actually feel higher drug addiction rates. 

Making things more serious, many of these countries offer some chances for habit therapy, dropping many drug users broken and desperate.

Some countries handle people coping with addiction and have decriminalized many substances, except such use is characterized by force. 

However, many other countries regrettably attempt the contrary. They have criminalized any drug, forcing those who fight addiction in jail rather than recovery. 

Many of these countries also have fighting healthcare systems. 

Let’s explore the five worst countries to live in if grappling with severe drug problems:


Intravenous drug use has grown a vast dilemma in Russia – particularly among teens and young adults. Russian executives say there are 1 million heroin users, although other specialists realize the number is closer to 2 million. The country’s medication use rose dramatically after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

Government leaders do not promote harm mitigation strategies, such as needle exchange programs and methadone clinics. Supporting a punitive approach to drug use that imprisons drug users. 

Consequently, Russia has one of the fastest-growing HIV/AIDS epidemics. These disorders (caused by sharing dirty needles) rose more actively in Russia than outside of sub-Saharan Africa.

Great Britain

More than 15 million people in Great Britain record trying drugs, and about 3 million take them daily. The number of people practising drugs, according to 2014 numbers, is up related to 2008. Most people in Great Britain do not report a predicament with drug use, but 1 million describe current difficulties. Marijuana is the most generally used drug, developed by amphetamines and cocaine.


Standing high on both the world Misery Index and having one of the most difficult criminal codes worldwide. Iran’s law is based on the Islamic Shariah Law, although it is not precisely the same. This involves both cultural and prescribed punishments for using intoxicating substances, which involves alcohol. 

Iran hangs around 300 people every year, and the fourth commitment involving drugs results in the demise penalty. The country has recently experienced a high rise, job instability, and stopping. 

With many modern people, Iran’s people may share crimes caused by habit, such as theft, at higher rates since the country fights to take care of its citizens.


Settlement, sale, delivery, and production of drugs to Chinese people or in China’s borders are prohibited and executed strictly. The country produces over 2,000 people every year, more than the rest of the world consolidated. 

55 separate offenses are recognized as death penalty offences, including many different kinds of corruption, including fraud, destruction, emerging from jail, theft, and drug production.


The world’s number one generator of opium, Afghanistan is the heart of the opium trade and now clarifies some of its drugs into heroin. One news report concludes that 1 million people are addicted to drugs out of a community of 35 million. 

Decades of violence and war may encourage some people to drug use. Simultaneously, executives with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime point to a considerable rise in cheap heroin as one idea behind the disease.

World surveys reveal 90 % of all heroin used in Europe traces behind this tiny mountain country. In an extension of trafficking, the government needs the ability to offer sufficient processing. 

People of all generations, including young children, are addicted to heroin. Still, the country has inadequate therapy centers, around 95 with beds for about 2,300 people. 

The United States

According to the report, the United States is not such a heavy trafficker of drugs or other illicit substances, but the world’s top users of illegal substances.  

Americans are at the highest risk of drug-related deaths and presently have the most medical painkiller habits globally. Marijuana is the most generally used illicit drug in America, with 22.2 million popular users, while 3.8 million souls maltreat medicine painkillers. 

Also, more Americans are using heroin than in years past, while cocaine use continues steadily.


This country is known for sentencing visitors to jail or death for employing illegal substances. Although the nation affects 11 people on average every year – which is very small related to other nations with strict penal codes. 

This southeastern Asian country does not stop jailing substance abusers to hell. The idea of “trafficking” in Malaysia seems to apply to marketing or distributing and maintenance. 

Despite the robust government access to drugs, the country has extensive healthcare along with a single healthcare system. Every citizen can get aid and even advice – just not for habit or obsession.


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