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4 Reasons For Beard Hair Fall In Patchy Shape

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Still, you are not able to find why your beard hair falls in patchy?

True reason when beard hair fall becomes a common sight whenever you comb or scratch your beard when it feels itchy.

This is typically a detaching loss or the hairs that are lost are ones with their life cycle completed. However, this might not always be the case as certain conditions and situations are also there that can lead to beard hair fall in patchy.

These can lead to permanent or temporary loss of hair in abnormal amounts.

Here we are going to discuss these causes for beard hair fall to help you determine the reason behind patchy hair shredd.


beard hair fall

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that the growth of the facial hair of a man is a little faster while he is sleeping or taking rest. This is the crucial time when not just the body receives the desired rest but the facial hair also gain the helping hand in the process of their growth.

Proper sleeping, therefore, provides the body with the desired rest and also aid beard growth as a bonus.

Therefore, sleeplessness can be a causing factor behind beard hair fall. So do take care of following the basic guideline that states that 7-8 hours of sleep without any disturbance is must for everyone.


beard hair fall

Prolonged serious stress due to any reason such as money, work or other problems of life can lead to a series of negative effects on the health.

The major reason behind most of these effects is considered to be the enhanced level of cortisol, the stress hormone in body. While leading to other havocs for the body of a person, the increased levels of cortisol also speed up the process of beard hair fall.

Unhealthy diet:

beard hair fall

Beard falling can also accelerated due to deficiency of any type of minerals and vitamins in the diet. There are some B-vitamins as well that have major role in collagen and keratin production.

An unhealthy diet that lacks these essential B-vitamins, minerals and vitamins can lead to the problem of beard hair fall.

Also, the hair follicles of beard are not able to work at their full capacity due to the deficiencies of an unhealthy diet that impacts the enzymatic conversions and endocrine functions of the body.

It is therefore important to have the diet that is full of multivitamins of high quality and nutritious food.


beard hair fall

Falling levels of DHT in the body can also serve as the reason behind beard hair fall or significant thinning of the hair.

Genetics might also be the causing factor behind beard hair fall since they can lead to hair follicles sensitivity towards DHT. This is the reason why masturbation is considered to impact the beard hair.

One need to consider this fact to prevent the falling whiskers since combating the loss of beard hair on time is important to take care of your appearance and looks.

So these are some of the common factors that can lead to beard hair fall and therefore should be prevented.

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