Sunday, August 1, 2021

Akshay Kumar To Fly To Ram Janmabhoomi For Shot Of Ram Setu

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Following Bachhan Pandey’s completion, actor Akshay Kumar has finally scheduled to start shooting on his next movie Ram Setu

Forgiving the Muhurat Shot from Ram Janmabhoomi, the actor will move to Ayodhya on 18th March 2021, and the creative producer Dr.Chandraprakash Dwivedi director Abhishek Sharma.

Akshay Kumar shares first look of Ram Setu

Ram setu movie

The last year Diwali, Akshay Kumar shared the look of Ram Setu for the first time. He appeared to be strolling a strip of land separating what appeared to be the ocean.

The poster features a picture of Lord Ram in the back.

Star cast of Ram Setu:

Ram setu movie

In this movie, Akshay Kumar will play the role of an archaeologist. Other necessary star casts include Nusrat Bharucha and Jaqueline Fernandez.

Budget of Ram Setu:

The latest movie of Akshay Kumar is intended to have a spending plan of 45 to 50 crores and will be released in 2021. 

It will be produced by Vikram Malhotra and the mother of Akshay Kumar Aruna Bhatia.

What is the plot of Ram Setu movie?

Ram setu movie

According to Abhishek Sharma, Ram Setu’s journey began in 2007. He first read news articles about such a legal case associated with the project to develop a shipping canal in the subsurface shipping lanes between India and Sri Lanka and the problems that the project was facing.

Ram Setu is a story backed up by facts, scientific knowledge, and historical sites rooted in Indians’ profound beliefs for decades.

Since the bridge’s discovery, Ram Setu has become a hotly debated topic, although it has a paramount significance in Hindu scriptures.

Subramanian Swamy says about “Ram Setu”

Ram setu movie
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