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5 Indian Actors Who Have Done Anti Hero Roles in Bollywood Movies

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Best anti hero movies on Bollywood big screen

Anti hero roles and characters always tend to make the audience stay engaged in the films. In Bollywood, some actors rise to stardom backed by the outstanding portrayal of dark and grey shades of negative characters.

They do the justice of their acting talents and versatility to come up and excite their fan followers with negative or anti hero roles in movies.

In the Indian film industry, people reckoned and appreciated the acting performance of all these baddies.

Some of them went on and received various awards for their impactful and thoroughly worth a watch of negative characters.

Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh khan has always delivered memorable acts to his die-hard fans. King Khan is one of the Bollywood few actors who started playing the baddie in the films.

The antagonist characters in films like Yash Chopra Darr and Abbas Mustan commercial thriller film Baazigar were successful because of Shahrukh khans the mind-blowing hostile acts performance.

No wonder king khan deserved all accolades and complimented the way he played the anti-hero roles.

Aamir Khan

Bollywood Mr Perfectionist and actor of elite class Aamir khan, known for playing every character commendably, has delivered one of his highly successful entertainment film Dhoom 3.

In the movie, Aamir played the anti hero role in this movie and surprised his movie followers with remarkable negative characters.

It was the third installment of the Dhoom franchise, and Aamir’s acting performance was highly rated and nominated in screen award for best actor in a negative role category in all awards ceremony.

Akshay Kumar

Current Bollywood bankable and successful actor Akshay Kumar also has hands-on experience playing the baddie in Abbas Mustan’s highly engaging thriller movie Ajnabee.

But the recent release of Shankar’s Robot 2.o gives Akshay Kumar a great opening for a villain role.  As the movie plots Pakshi Rajan, a great Ornithology who worries about the extinction of birds due to radio waves. His ideas and struggles about stopping this finally end up in vain.

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Akshay belongs to among the top Bollywood celebrities who choose numerous and exciting films to showcase his acting versatility and impressive lined up films.

Ajay Devgan

Bollywood’s most intense and versatile actor, Ajay Devgan, began his acting journey as an action and stunt performer.  The son of legendary action director Veeru Devgan, Ajay has acted in many films close to his best acting performance.  

With an unconventional look and personality, Ajay has done all genres and is mostly remembered for his grey shades of negative characters in films like Dewaneege and multi-starrer film Khakee, where he was nominated for the negative role.

Ajay surprises in every movie and known for doing varieties of impactful films with immense abilities and perfection.

Nana Patekar

Fiery actor and the best contemporary actor Bollywood have ever produced, Nana Patekar delivered his best acting performance in Prakash Jha political satire film Aparahan.

It was the memorable film as both Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar shared the screen presence and gave their best acting performance.

Nana Patekar won the best role for his antagonist characters in the film and bagged the most of the awards, including star screen and other popular awards.


Anti-hero roles and characters bring the best of all leading actors who want to change their star image. Many A-list actors believed and defend the negative or villainous roles on the big screen.

It also worked for films to surprise the audience, and if the leading actor plays the anti-hero role, it keeps them engaged, and chances of cinema to do decent business cannot rule out. 

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