Sunday, August 1, 2021

Avian Flu: From Signs to Precautions, Must Remember This!

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Should you eat Chicken or consume eggs? It all began in December last year when reports sprang flooding in fallen birds from the sky in Bhopal, MP, and Rajasthan due to unknown Avian Flu

A related phenomenon was observed in Kerala and Himachal Pradesh too. Maharashtra alone proclaimed the death of 800 chickens due to Avian Flu On January 11.

While we strive to stay positive amid the COVID-19, a new health terror has us grieving with a vaccine now on the scene. 

Avian Flu, also kenned as bird flu, has produced quite a stir, and people have been questioning how serious it is and what they can probably proceed to stay secure. 

What is this Avian Flu or bird flu?

Avian Flu

Just like us, birds can also be infected by the Flu

Avian Flu is caused by infection with Avian (bird) flu (Influenza) – Type A viruses. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is supposed to happen generally among wild marine birds globally and can affect national poultry and other birds and animals.   

Avian Flu dangerous to human beings?

According to the CDC, Avian flu diseases do not usually infect human beings. Such a condition is rare. Only occasional cases have been reported since back in the year 2015. 

Avian Flu till now:

  • If it does affect a person. 
  • The disease is usually mild and can need ICU care in several patients. 
  • It is unusual to have a human-to-human transmission.  
  • The WHO confirmed 861 human cases of H5N1 worldwide( 2003 – 2019). 
  • 455 deaths were reported, though not from India.

What are the usual Avian Flu symptoms?

Avian Flu
  • Muscle aches
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache

How can one catch the Avian Flu- virus?

People can catch the bird flu by regular contact with bird droppings or the birds. Some people have discovered the virus from washing or plucking infected birds. It is likely for people to catch the virus while bathing or swimming in water infected with infected birds’ excrements.

Should one halt consuming Chicken or eggs?

According to the WHO and a joint statement by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Chicken and other poultry are secure to consume if appropriately prepared.  

No birds from herds with the illness or virus, however, should enter the meals chain. 

As per WHO, careful cooking of poultry items at or above 70° Celsius is essential. This assures no live virus enduring if the alive bird has been affected and has unadvisedly invaded the food chain. 

In time, there is no epidemiological proof that people have enriched infected after consuming contaminated poultry meat that has been well cooked. 

Overall, it is supreme to preserve good hygienic habits and stay alarmed by the symptoms.

Here are some WHO advised to stop Avian Flu:

  1. No birds from flocks with the virus should access the food chain.
  2. Do not consume raw poultry parts, including natural blood, or raw eggs in or with furies in Chicken.
  3. Separate raw meat from ready-to-eat foods or even cooked items to avoid infection. Do not use the identical chopping mess or the same knife. 
  4. Do not place cooked meat back on the same plate it was on before cooking. 
  5. Do not handle soft-boiled eggs or raw in food compounds that will not be cooked or heat-treated.
  6. Stay clean. After touching frozen or raw eggs or poultry items, wash your hands thoroughly. 
  7. Wash and sanitize all surfaces and ware(s) that have been in touch with the uncut meat.
  8. Limiting visitants on the farm and lessening foot traffic.
  9. Absolute cooking of poultry meat is essential. Assure either that the poultry meat stands 70°C or that the flesh is not rosy in any part. Also, Egg yolks should not be liquid or runny.

Anyway, we just hope you all stay healthy and safe.

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