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5 Best Romantic Webseries That Every Committed Couple Must Watch

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If you are in the state for a romance-packed web series, Netflix has got you treated. Nothing is satisfying than a little flame to keep a series engaging, interesting, and oh so tender or romantic.

Whether you want to smile, scream, or both, we have wheeled up the best romantic webseries that are streaming online on Netflix right now.

From prohibited love to romantic tragedies to sexy love triangles and more, this list of shows will keep you captivated for hours, so get set to push a play button!

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Romantic Webseries

It is intensely, um, engaging romantic webseries, and there is some certainty to the social media drama.

Once you begin following Valeria, it is hard to look away from Iglesias’ off-the-box charm as he endeavours to seduce the series’ titular protagonist, wedded writer Valeria (Diana Gómez).

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Based on the books by Elísabet Benavent, this Spanish melodrama represents the tale of the titular Valeria, a writer who is encountering both writer’s slab and stress with her husband. It is a must shift to her three best friends- Nerea Lola and Carmen.

However, this series is not merely halting on the sexual allure of one passionately handsome man. Alternatively, the series covers all of the sex memoirs of all its parts, forming one of the most sensual Netflix ones in recent memory. 

My Holo Love

Romantic Webseries

One of the best romantic webseries with AI mixed. This 2020 Korean drama revolves around Han So-Yeon living a reclusive life due to her face blindness disorder.

A disorder that let one suffer from prosopagnosia- the incapacity to identify faces.

However, later, a prototype of AI program Holo changes her entire life, whose appearance is the same as the developer, genius creator’s assistant, Go Nan-do.

However, she never assumes that the outcome will be a tricky love triangle among herself, the hologram, and the man who animated it.

Girls From Ipanema

Romantic Webseries

Based in the 1950s, it is a refreshing Brazilian romantic drama about a young rich girl who shifts to Rio de Janeiro with her hubby. Soon after the two arrive, she understands her husband has dropped off with all their funds, and she must create a new beginning of her life for herself. 

It portrays the bond of understanding and the rise of a gentlewoman in the classic ’50s in Brazil. It stars Pathy Dejesus, Maria Casadevall, Fernanda Vasconcellos, and Mel Lisboa. 

Good Morning Call

Romantic Webseries

Yoshikawa Nao’s tale- A high school girl gets her first home and apprehends she has to rent and share it with the most attractive person in the school. Yet, situations are negative about what they look like. 

When she gets out, she will be staying together with this heartthrob Uehara. It stars Shun’ya Shiraishi, Haruka Fukuhara, and Moe Arai.

Emily in Paris

Romantic Webseries

Lily Collins stars in this rom-com web series as Emily Cooper, a marketing head from Chicago who shifts to Paris after docking her dream job and explores a world of a high fad, work struggles, and love affairs. 

She strives to achieve success in the workplace while seeking love and enduring a culture clash with her “dull” and worldly Midwestern childhood.

Along with the Religions clashes as she adapts to the hurdles of life in Paris while balancing her career, new bonds, and love story. 

Thus, these series arrest the mechanics of sex and the sharpness of passion that makes sex and love so fascinating in the initial place. You never doubt the hunger of their personas feels for their intimate companions.

As many of us are desirous for the affection of our own, they all appear damn close to providing you with the fun you crave— without the daunting tour outdoor.

Which among them from the list captivated your romantic attention that you would begin investing time in watching from now onwards?

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