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Deepika Padukone 35th Birthday Special and Her Diet Plan For Fit

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Bollywood’s ‘Shantipriya’ Deepika Padukone celebrates her 35th birthday on 5 January 2021. She has appeared as one of the top stars of Indian cinema. 

The long-legged elegance has been praised for her performances in both India and overseas as well. 

She has it all – her impersonation works, her perfect looks, and her excellent fashion taste. 

Perhaps, the star is also known for her flawlessly toned body, spurring many women, mainly those trying to lose fat. 

The fit and beautiful actor was wedded to longtime boyfriend and Bollywood’s ‘Baijirao’ Ranveer Singh in November 2018. 

There is adversely asking the fact that our ‘Mastani’ is one of the hottest heroines with a figure to die for – gratitude to her firm workout, strict diet regime, and well-disciplined life. 

With a slender figure that can uproot off a bikini and a saree simultaneously, with similar elegance, no surprise we all need to find out the secret behind her well-maintained body. 

Deepika’s diet plan say?

To sustain her slim body, Deepika makes sure that she eats wholesome foods and avoids junk and sugary items. 

Her diet contains seasonal vegetables, fresh fruits (loaded in dietary fiber) complex carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals – all of which can help you lose extra fat and improve overall wellness. 

  • She also adds grilled fish stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Stays hydrated by having smoothies, water, buttermilk coconut water, and natural juices. 
  • She eats her food at precise times.  
  • Take little rice and non-veg at night times. 

Here is Deepika diet chart

Early morning: She starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with honey or 1-cup water with fenugreek seeds absorbed overnight.

Breakfast: a glass of low-fat milk and two egg whites or South Indian food like idli, upma, etc. 

Lunch: a variety of different fresh vegetables, two chapattis, and grilled fish. 

Evening snacks: filter coffee and Nuts (5 pecan nuts and two almonds) 

Dinner: green salads, veggies, and chapattis.

Desserts: a piece of dark chocolate seldom. 

Deepika Padukone workout regime

Deepika, who fought her deep depression and explained that it was the athlete in her that delivered her the energy to fight and never quit. 

“Besides making health fuller food options, she also follows severe fitness workout sessions, which aggregate Yoga exercises, weight training, dance, and cardio”.

Sets out, Bollywood’s Leela is not a gym person, though; she likes to go to the gym when she has a busy day. 

She exercises daily and does not drop out on her yoga regime for even a single day. 

The diverse types of asanas she performs every morning help her stay young, bright, and sumptuous.

“She also enjoys dancing, which also benefits her to burn more calories”.

Thus, adopting a healthful lifestyle, which involves eating clean and a regular health routine, can help you lose extra kilos, build muscle and strength, possibly obtain a lean body like the actor.

We wish her nothing but a prosperous and wealthy year ahead, along with the best wishes for her birthday! Tell us, what will be your New Year’s aim to get a toned and healthy body like her?

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