Sunday, August 1, 2021

Revealing Why Some Indian Media Hates BJP & Modi

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For past years, we have observed that the media, the English Language channels and newspapers, are harping about things like ‘rising intolerance’ and creating a big issue out of some isolated incidents which happened BJP government.

Reason behind why media’s(foreign) is attacking Modi government:

Why media hates BJP
Time magazine cover page
  • Most of Media houses are tormented by huge funding from the multimillionaire ‘pressure groups’ or corporate with certain prefixed agenda.
  • They want weak governments in India which provide them opportunities to watch and change/mould govt policies as per their economic, military, religious or political demands. The strong Modi govt is a colossal block in their way.

Many media persons were enjoying regular VIP pre-paid foreign tours. It has vanished.

  • Some media houses were concerned in illegal money transfers, money laundering, holding and donating funds to terrorist organizations, anti-India activists, anti-Hindu groups, and so-called pseudo-liberals. They are facing serious inquiries from central agencies like INA, CBI, FEMA, ED, IT, etc.
  • Many media barons lost vast amounts of black money due to Demonetisation implemented, most secretly by Modi.
  • Many political parties suffered heavy losses because of Demonetization. Media houses lost the funding, advertisements received from these black money kings.
  • Blocking corruption by Modi has shattered their earnings, which they were receiving from mediation (Dalali) between Govt and Commercial/Industrial houses.

Who is behind this media and press?

Most of the channels is controlled by the left-wing:

Why media hates BJP

All news portals like The Wire, The Quint, Scroll, and The Print are left-leaning. Journalists who write articles for these portals have already been holding a strong bias against PM Modi and BJP, for example, Karan Thapar on The Wire. NDTV, most stakes held by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy (sister of CPM – leader).

Negative/Communal news sells more:

Why media hates BJP

Congress’s portrait (in the media) has been that of the secular and liberal party (whether an odd phenomenon). Other parties are overly applied on a particular region (s). That’s why 98% of media’s and publishers controlled by Congress party members writes negative words about Modi and BJP party to lay awful name among the nations.

Many news channels are owned/funded by political parties: 

Why media hates BJP

Sun TV (Tamil) is owned by Kalanidhi Maran, grand nephew of late M. Karunanidhi (DMK).Kalanithi Maran is an Indian media baron who is the chairman and founder of the Sun network. He owns television channels, newspapers, weeklies, FM Radio stations, DTH services.

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