Sunday, August 1, 2021

Hello Charlie teaser: Aadar Jain & Gorilla Friend Vow An Groovy Film

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Also starring Jackie Shroff, Elnaaz Norouzi, and Shlokka Pandit, Amazon Prime Video Hello Charlie will soon entertain you on April 9.

Amazon Prime has recently shared the entertaining teaser of its forthcoming family entertainer on Wednesday, Hello Charlie teaser

The short clip highlights Aadar Jain along with his furry best friend. A gorilla. Yes, you got that right!

Even the Bollywood actor Aadar Jain recently shared the teaser while taking on to his Instagram handle on Thursday to proffer a little sneak peek of Hello Charlie.  

Regarding this post, followers have moved all out to comment on all things sparkling and sociable, as they cannot settle flowing over its video.

 So what’s the story of Hello Charlie?

Co-produced by Excel Entertainment and Helmed by Pankaj Saraswat, Hello Charlie’s storyline rotates around a mere young guy(Aadar Jain) who has been appointed to deport a gorilla right from Mumbai direct to Diu. 

The experiences the unlikely duo get entangled in along the way form the crux of the storyline.

In the delivered clip, we see Aadar’s style and the gorilla having a great time enjoying Bollywood blockbuster songs. 

You can hear some hits such as “Ambersariya” and Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’s song “Khaabon Ke Parinday.” 

A tiny struggle ensues when the couple cannot decide on the track they both would like to hear. 

As of now, the assumption seems pleasant enough for an expected yet delightful time at the films. 

Only time will reveal if Hello Charlie heads to live up to its commitment.

Hoping it sprays much happiness.

Talking about directing Amazon Prime Hello Charlie, Pankaj Saraswat stated that Working on the film with Ritesh and Farhan has been an unbelievable experience. 

The film’s unique storyline is definitely one of its kind, and holding it sprays much happiness. 

He also shared that the cast has helmed their personalities and the roles phenomenally with their unique comic timing and natural charm. 

It was always tremendous fun on the sets, and he felt happy that people from globally will be able to see their film and be cherished.

Made for family entertainment viewers, says Hello Charlie producer

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani also shaped the statement while stating that they had various projects in collaboration with Amazon Prime, and Hello Charlie will be our primary feature mutually. 

With this adventure comedy entertainer, they aim to promote the cinematic envelope further and produce their artistic vision to life in the comedy time. 

It brings them a tremendous pleasure to perform this charming story, which is sure to praise and involve the family and kid-friendly viewers. 

The makers even expect that the viewers will enjoy it as much as they have enjoyed producing it. 

Hence, they even cannot wait to entertain the audience with Hello Charlie on April 9. 

According to Aadar Jain, Hello Charlie is an entertaining film that will thoroughly entertain viewers. 

He described the film as “highly unusual and winsome.” 

He showed his enthusiasm for others to see it and expressed his belief that they would have as much pleasure watching it as they did shooting it. 

Also starring Jackie Shroff, Elnaaz Norouzi, and Shlokka Pandit, Amazon Prime Video Hello Charlie will soon entertain you on April 9.

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