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Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role In Movies

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If Muslim actors somehow symbolize the Hindu community is considered a sort of a negative thought. And that is not valid at all.

I suggest that India has bodies of various faiths, among which the Hindu society is comprehensive. 

The more incredible irony is that Muslim actors have ruled the Film industry in a Hindu-dominated country.  

Many Muslim actors have performed Hindu roles in movies, and we as audiences have enjoyed and appreciated them and not because they described a Hindu character.

The best example is our Dabangg Salman Khan in Bajrangi Bhaijan and Sultan.

Following are some of the Indian Muslim actors/actress who had done remarkable jobs as portraying iconic Hindu roles in movies.

1. Nawasuridhin Siddique as Thackeray

Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role

While painting the central character in some ways, the film’ Thackeray’ is unabashed about his parochialism, government, and faith in violence as a method of achieving political and individual goals. 

However, one view, section of the promos, which concerns me: Thackeray being described as appearing before a court where he is charged if he had a hand in the Mumbai tumults. He responds, “I even had my toes in those tumults.” 

The actor plays the suspect Shiv Sena patron in ‘Thackeray,’ released on January 25, 2019.

2. SRK as Ashoka 

Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role

Indian Hindi epic historical film directed by Santosh Sivan is a dramatized version of the early days of Emperor Asoka, of the Maurya line, who ruled most of the Indian subcontinent.  

The film ends with Asoka, played by the Muslim actor ‘the Shahrukh Khan’, forcing the sword into the water at the same spot as his ancestor and adopting Buddhism. 

The final story describes how Asoka created a large empire and dispersed Buddhism and the winds of harmony throughout the nation.

3. Shaheer Sheik as Arjuna

Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role

Shaheer Sheikh is a Muslim actor best known for performing the warrior prince Arjun in StarPlus Indian mythological serial Mahabharat. 

When he first emerged on the screen as Arjun, he was shown concentrated, powerful, and precise. He acted the character with the right balance. 

of emotion, body language, and attitude. In addition, these features made Shaheer unmistakably recognizable as Arjuna.

4. Shafaq Naaz as Kunti

Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role

Shafaq is a Mulsim television actress and skilled Kathak dancer, best remembered for her imitation of Kunti in yet another StarPlus Indian mythological serial Mahabharat. 

She has performed her role with all the dignity and all the six men who performed being her sons were even elder to her. However, she was comfortable performing their mother and she did it very well.

5. Mamoothy as Pazhassi Raja

Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role

Muhammad Kutty Panaparambil Ismail better known by his name Mammootty is a Muslim film actor and producer who acts predominantly in Malayalam cinema.

The Actor turned politician was much appreciated for his stunning performance in the Malayalam film ‘Pazhassi Raja’, directed by Hariharan. The film had even earned a good opening collection at the box office.

6. Amir Khan as Mangal Pandey

Indian Muslim Actors Who Had Iconic Hindu Role

Aamir Khan is yet another Muslim film actor who was known for his faithful performances and brilliant choice of scripts. His emphasis on a flawless script before shooting and accomplishing only one film at a time announced unique professionalism in Bollywood.

Mangal Pandey: The Rising, released in the year 2005, is based on the life of Mangal Pandey, who is one of the leading Indian soldiers.

Aamir Khan, who performed amazingly the role of Sepoy Mangal Pandey in the film, made a successful comeback after a four-year break after his 200 released Dil Chahta Hai.

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