Sunday, August 1, 2021

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Her long-Term Relationship With Alex Rodriguez

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The latest hot news which is spreading like a wildfire on social media and networking channels is that leading Hollywood actress, pop singer and lady gaga namely Jennifer Lopez breaks her long-term relationship with her soulmate Alex Rodriguez. 

Is it true that Jennifer Lopez recently filed divorce papers?

jennifer lopez breaks up with alex

Even though both of them refute break-up claims the rumor mongers are spreading the news that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are no more in a relationship. 

The news further carries an interesting fact that Jennifer Lopez has filed divorce papers in court bringing to an end to her relationship with her long-term soulmate Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez has already divorced her three husbands before getting into a relationship with Alex.

Why did she decide to divorce Alex?

Jennifer Lopez is acting in a Hollywood movie, Shotgun Wedding which is slated for release later this year, and her better-half is getting ready for baseball competitions.

Both of them are real estate barons in the USA and own assets worth $800 million.

The indifference between them cropped-up when they decided to buy a million-dollar luxury property in Miami and Manhattan. 

Sources confirm that this must be the reason for the split. But both of them strongly refute this baseless news and stated that they have some other plans for the future.

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