Sunday, August 1, 2021

OTT vs Theatre. Movie Theatre Always Wins This Duo.

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Indian cinema has always entertained audiences and movie followers. The best part of watching movies in theatres is that you have complete recreation and enjoyment while watching films.

Nowadays with the government guidelines restricted due to nationwide lockdown, empty seats are visible in all cinema theatres.

Moviegoers who want to see their favorite movies can wait till the Covid- 19 withdrawn.
Watching movies on the big screen has more reasons to engage audiences despite numerous OTT platforms screened and premiered newly released films

Watching movies in theaters has plenty of entertainment stuff

In the current situation, the nationwide lockdown results in cinemas reopening once the pandemic slows down and people can without any fear come to the cinemas and enjoy the movies.

Although many OTT platforms have bagged premiering movies on their platforms, people’s first preference will be to watch movies in theatres.

After all, films are made with a lot of revenue and recover the production cost in mind.
Likewise, recreation and entertainment value cannot be the same while watching movies on OTT platforms.

Regardless of film content and commercial factor, audiences believed to watch films in cinemas and thoroughly have a great time.

Films entertainment value cannot render on OTT platforms

Films are made with wholesome entertainment, and a strong message underlined the importance. Hence people should get their money and time worth having.

Watching movies in theatres certainly give them that belief, and they get the entertainment guaranteed.

Although premiered latest movies were released on OTT, the joy is missing and somehow lacked to engage the audience.

Watching and remembering movies USP both render in cinemas as people large occupancy only help the film business.

It continues to inspire filmmakers to make good movies on different subjects and themes.

Audience vote of confidence remains in theatrical release

Filmmakers and distributers both agreed upon the films to release in theatres. They get maximum film profits, and also their marketing and film promotional campaigns will be successful.

Before any films released, the entire film unit went for the publicity and announced all needed film promotional campaign, and it is the trends that continued with every film.

The theatrical release is what every filmmaker plans to announce their release dates to get people to watch their films at theatres.

Cinemas need to grow with large occupancy in theaters

Every main film objective is to satisfy its audience and leave a legacy to keep reminding them.

Each film has the firepower to engage the audience, and they will watch movies in their nearest cinemas.

During the lockdown period, many filmmakers forced to release their films on OTT platforms and somehow recover their significant investment.

Large occupancy gives the movie more chances to make substantial profits and revenue generation. That is why the audience prefers to go for watching films in theatres.

The buzz and hype drives people to watch movies in theaters

It has its excitement, and the audience eagerly waited for the films released in theatres. From a business and profit point of view, the first choice is to release films in cinemas.

There are many hype and buzz surrounded whenever any big star cast of movies released in theatres.

People verdict and prefer choices give the favor for theatrical released

The audience passionate about entertainment films will prefer to wait for their films to release in theatres.

After all, watching big-budget commercial films, no one can afford to miss.  Theatrically released films will be the more convincing and a brave move for global audience point of view.


So are you really excited and looking forward to watching new movies in your nearby theatres? Cinemas are meant to entertain audiences and watching the big-budget, and ensemble star cast with entertainment value. It gives people a pleasant, enjoyable moment enhanced.

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