Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sri Lankan Government Bans Burqa After Serial Bomb Blast

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Today there was breaking news that went viral on all TV, social media, news, and networking channels and came as a big shock to Islamic minorities that the Srilankan government bans burqa-wearing. 

On April 21, 2019, when the Sri Lankan nation came to a complete standstill immediately after a series of bombs rocked Colombo City.

More than 300 innocent people lost their lives in this deadly attack. From that point in time, Sri Lanka is taking massive measures in tightening security all over the nation. 

For nation security we ban burqa’ says Gotabaya Rajapaksa. 

The Sri Lankan Government has banned the burqa for national security religious extremism. The spokesperson and Public Security Minister of Sri Lanka said, “The Burkha is something that directly affects our national security and further stated that burqa came into Sri Lanka only recently. 

Rajapakse ordered to shut down all Islamic schools soon.

Sri Lankan Government Bans Burqa

If this law comes into force, the entire Islamic population should stay away from using burqa in the streets, shops, and all other public places. 

The Sri Lankan Government is also planning to shut down more than 1000 schools that offer Islamic instructions and courses (madrasas). 

Even this has come as a big blow to the Islamic community. Let us keep our fingers crossed and see whether Rajapaksa Government modifies the Islamic law soon. 

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