Sunday, August 1, 2021

Will Corona Virus Affect Chain Smokers?

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Coronavirus or Covid-19 can cause persistent damage to the lungs like pneumonia or more so, acute respiratory syndromes, acute respiratory distress syndromes, or even sepsis in severity which can apart from damaging the lungs also affect other organs.

The novel Coronavirus can worsen the impact on lungs for chain smokers. There are many types of research that have been carried out and concluded the fact that if a smoker gets infected by the virus, the damage is likely to get severely aggravated.

There are many countries that have also wiped out the sales of tobacco products and cigarettes after the publishing of such researches.

Covid-19 virus tends to taint or infect the cell by ACE2 gene which acts as a receptor for human Coronavirus like SARS. This gene is present at substantially high rates in smokers making them more vulnerable towards the virus and sustaining life-long damage.

The breathing passage of smokers is already vandalized due to constant smoking.

This tract has a barrier known as ciliary epithelium serving as an immunological barrier against the infection which is transmitted by respiratory epithelium.

Since the smokers themselves destroy this protective barrier, they are likely to be more susceptible to the virus which can even ultimately lead to mortality.

However, there are other theories denying the statement that specifically smokers are at an alarming risk. The newness of this virus makes landing on any such conclusion questionable.

Though, the WHO experts don’t deny the statement as a smoker’s lungs are already blocked due to excessive mucous formation.

And this is exactly the condition that is faced by a Coronavirus infected person. Since their immunity is already at a compromising level, it makes their body easily susceptible to infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Colder countries like the USA, Italy, Australia, and Brazil all are facing a substantial upsurge in the number of COVID-19 cases.

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It has been very evident from the data that flu infections are on a rise in colder weather. So, the falling temperature is also a cause for the rising number of viral infections as the chill in the air causes much more irritation in the respiratory tract making more people prone to catching the flu-like infections.

Other reasons for the same are more than average older population living in Italy, the immunity and nutrition levels of US or Italian citizens.

Their foods are not as rich and nutritious as Indian foods which can be other causal factors for the wider outbreak in those countries as well.

USA and Italy are among the top countries having the highest incidences of and casualties due to Coronavirus.

All the countries have been taking precautionary measures by going into complete lockdown and following other strict rules and regulations of social distancing and quarantine.

Some countries are hotspots while others are still at a lesser risk, but, all the protective measures should be essentially followed to ensure your safety.

It is therefore strictly recommended to stay at home and consider moving out of the house only if it is extremely urgent.

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